Paris: Obscurity, Intricacy and Terror

PARIS | Friday night: Europe’s brightest city falls into terror’s darkness. More than 120 people unjustifiably lose their lives. They were out: watching a game, attending a concert, eating at their favourite restaurant, proposing to their future partner. They lost their lives at the hands of hateful religious extremists with warped ideas about the world. What happened? […]

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Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me

As a Lebanese growing up watching Lebanon’s history unfold from the outside I can only ask myself this one question; how many times can my people make the same mistake? They complain all day, yet when it’s time to take matters into their own hands and elect the people who will hold their lives in their hands for the next 4 years, they resort to the same warlords and “people” who have run our country into the ground systematically for almost a century.

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Greece seeking space to breathe

The METAPHOR You’ve lost your job, your child was given a detention, you’ve had a drink or two. Your partner tries to be supportive but in the heat of the previous events you begin to question your relationship, everything your partner does is wrong, stinks, is unfair – but you have a child together. You […]

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Envision Greece and its future

I’m Greek. I’ve never lived in this country. I was born here though. I grew up away from Greece. Like most of us, Greeks who grow up abroad, we are taught, from a very young age to love our country, our history, our culture – sometimes, very often actually, too much. A myth is created […]

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Sustaining European growth and integration within the current EU context

Continuing to enlarge the European Union’s borders, expanding its political union and introducing new policies and agendas to extend the relationships between EU countries should and is a political priority. But how can the Commission and the governments of each member-state continue to work towards its evolution when the people are not driven or in […]

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Promised hope returns as Greece votes Left

In his speech following yesterdays election, Prime Minister-elect Alexis Tsipras sailed between big promises of European unity, national reconstruction and reforms and policies that will help Greece and the EU move towards a more prosperous relationship. But how many of its promises can the leftist party accomplish? Syriza and Alexis Tsipras have promised to work on what they […]

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The Return Of The Parthenon Marbles To Athens A Hitlerian Agenda?

They were stolen from Greece in the 19th century by, Thomas Bruce, or as Greeks call him “Lord Elgin“. Since 1836, the Greek government has fought, through diplomatic missions, for the return of the Parthenon marbles and it has been remained the most important disagreement between the two countries, Greece and the United Kingdom. The Parthenon […]

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eReaders for a better world

The rise of eBooks within the industry is phenomenal and we are quickly redefining the book into that of the untouchable and digital kind. As a consequence eReaders are becoming commonplace across the world; in homes, schools, offices, and in new types of libraries. It will make accessibility to eBooks massively increased and improve opportunities for […]

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Christmas Miracle Stops Wars – Brings Peace and Wealth for All

Yesterday’s celebrations have just finished. It’s December, 25th, 2013 and gifts are everywhere. On this very special day, the world is reading, watching and hearing a tremendous number of unbelievable but real information. Indeed, on this festive day, civil war in Central Africa has stopped all of a sudden. Muslims and Christians have decided to bury […]

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Would you die for your country?

This is a provocative article; read at your own discretion. John F. Kennedy said that war would exist until that distant day when the individuals who claim the right to refuse to perform military service, on the grounds of freedom of thought or conscience, enjoy the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does. Wars seem to […]

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A letter from Brazil

Dear Friend, Yeah I’m talking to you. I hear you think of Brazil and think of beaches, girls in heels, football tricks, oversized asses and endless partying. Sorry to ruin your dream, but the party is over. It has probably been over for many years but you haven’t been told. Here we export, we do […]

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